Precision Custom Metal Fabrication

Generally, the main aim of custom metal fabrication work is to provide customers with products that are unique and meeting their requirements perfectly, which would be difficult to achieve with off-the-shelf products. Usually, this is started when a customer requests a custom plan involving metal for a specific purpose, usually in the form of an enclosure or shield. For instance, an engineer may approach the sheet metal fabricators for the application of custom metal fabrication towards certain sections of a building, depending upon... For instance, there are privacy screens that are primarily used for commercial buildings in order to enhance the privacy of individuals inside. These metal or aluminum privacy screens are often made with privacy frames to provide more durability to the product, due to its shape and the way it is manufactured and can be customized with any number of different shapes, patterns, colors, finishes, and more.

However, before any of these steps are taken, the manufacturer must first determine what shape they want to cut, and the exact metal and filler required for the job. The manufacturer will then need to figure out what cutting tools to use in order to perform the custom metal fabrication work. Some metals will need to be punched and shaped, while others may only need to have the edge smoothened or the corners cut. After these steps have been taken, it is time to move on cutting and forming the metal and filler, and here is where it gets tricky. Metal shaping machines come in a wide variety of types, some are better suited than others for particular jobs.

Powder coating is commonly used for decorative purposes on sheet metal, since it allows the sheet metal to be painted or coated by another material, such as acrylic paint, which can be applied at any time. Fitting and welding are often used for the joining of two pieces of sheet metal together, and both these processes are done with the aid of a pressing machine. While there are many other common techniques used for custom metal fabrication, these are the most commonly used.


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